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Our Debut LP!!!


released July 2, 2017

Released: 07/02/2017
Written and Recorded by: BBQ Pope

BBQ Pope is:
Reid Millar - Bass/ Vocals
Sean Hackl - Guitar/ Vocals
Duncan Briggs - Drums

Produced by: Brandon Bak & Tobin Hawkwood
Mixed by: Paul Mack @ The MPL
Mastered by: Mat Keselman @ The MPL (not the MPL studios)



all rights reserved


BBQ Pope Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Garage Psych Punk Band!!

Bass/ Vox: Reid Millar,
Guitar/ Vox: Sean Hackl,
Drums/ vox: Duncan Briggs.

Ready To Sizzle.

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Track Name: Welcome to My Hell
When we know everything there is to know where do we go?
When we've found everything there is to fine, where do we hide?
When we've seen everything there is to see what's a surprise?
And when we've felt everything there is to feel, how do we heal?

Welcome to my hell
Welcome to my mind
Soon we'll all be dead
Don't get left behind
Track Name: Sad and Stoned
Love and hate both fueled by passion
But they flow in different veins
Blood it circulates and reaches your heart all the same
Numbs your muscles like a drug and fills your mind with pain
Passion is a vice that overwhelms the brain

Kind of funny how a second of time
Leaves you feeling so paralyzed
It always manages to freeze in my mind
And no amount of time helps me unwind

I'm sad and stoned
I'm sad and stoned
I'm overthinking everything
Tell me if it shows

Feeling heavy in my seat
And like the thoughts on my mind
There's no sunshine
Try and tell myself its not that big a deal
But its hard to let go
When nothing feels real

Track Name: Cry
I cried at Grandpa's funeral
I guess I thought it was the way
Your picture next to some petunias
Was the closest that I came

And yeah I knew your name
And the reason I was there
But still it's not the same
I guess I thought I should've cared

I couldn't make myself cry
Cause it would've been a lie
Even if I tried
Couldn't tell you why

My future's full of tiny fears
I'm terrified for coming years
I'm hearing voices in my ears
They make me want to disappear

Track Name: No More
I've got no reason
to be mistreating
And exiling myself

For all of the seasons
That I've been misreading
These things that I have felt

And I've got a feeling
I'll be repeating
These actions that I've dealt

I need a generator
To make my feeling melt

To those I've scared
I hope you've healed
I don't wanna be a mark on you
No More
To those I've harmed
I wish you well
I don't wanna be a nightmare
No More x4

Get drunk with my best friends
and hang out on park bench(es)
And walk round in the dark

Life is a series of unknown theories
And we're just trying
to catch a spark

All we know
Is all we know
So what's the point in
Getting depressed

Life is a big mess
That we can't process
Death to me has always been less

Track Name: Baby Face
It's all covered in pimples
When I smile I got dimples
When I grow hair on my lip
It makes me look like one sad prick
I got sleep lodged in my slits
and I've got dead skin on my lips
I got crease marks on my forehead
From lifting up my eyelids

They say eyes are the key to the soul
So try and catch mine while I'm out on a stroll
I don't know what you'll find, I've never ever took the time
But when you do you know you've gotta let me know
What lies behind those doors

I like to keep things in perspective
It helps when they're reflective
Call my pupils the detectives
Sifting through the wreckage


I'm a baby faced fool
And I'm starting to drool
I got snot in my nose
And nowhere to go
Is my hair looking fine
I got sleep in my eyes
I better hit the sack
And never come back
Track Name: All My Friends Smoke Cigarettes
All my friends smoke cigarettes
Their parents buy em Nicorette
But they can't seem to give it a rest
Hacking darts in to their chests

Sucking on that Nicotine
Man that shit is so pristine
But I would never bum a smoke
I would rather have a toke

All my friends smoke Cigarettes
I don't mind at all
What they do is up to them
I love my friends

Addiction is a sad disease
Unless your looking for release
For all the shit in your day to day
At least that's what my friends all say

All my friends smoke Cigarettes
Their parents buy em nicorette
But they can't seem to give it a rest
Hacking darts into their chests
Track Name: Make It Happen
Tell me where you wanna be,
tell me where you see your self.

I can make it happen,
I can make you happy,
if you tell me all your sins!

Tell me are you feeling me?
Tell me if you need some help.

I can make it happen,
I can make you happy,
if you tell me all your sins!


Tell me why'd you mute the sun?
Tell me why are you no fun?!

I can make it happen,
I can make you happy,
if you tell me all your sins!

I can make it happen,
I can make you happy,
I can make you happy,
I can make you happy

If you tell me your sins...
Track Name: Cartoon Moon
You could only see their eyes
It was just like a cartoon
In the darkness of the night
Float around like big balloons
Just kept blowing up in size
Till they took up the whole room
Think that one of them was blind
They were right out of a tomb

It was just like a cartoon
Right out of the blue
Float around like big balloons
Brighter than the moon

Hey where's the flask that everybody's always drinking from
And why the fuck is everybody always on the run
Hey where'd you go, I'm all alone, I guess your having fun
Just so you know you stupid folks the show is almost done

Track Name: Blank Screen
I guess I've got no self-respect
I guess I've got no self-esteem
But when those words came on the screen
Felt like I was in a dream
And my senses turn to dust
While my skin turns into crust
And the noises fade away while the
Night becomes the day

I can't stand up
Help me on my feet
I can't sit down
I'm stuck in between
Got you on my mind
You're just a blank screen

I guess that I'm on the defence
I guess that I've got to suppress
Cause that's what everyone suggests
When you've got something to undress
You're left naked in the streets
Feeling broke and used and beat
And you don't quite know what to say
You couldn't hear em anyways